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She had seven siblings — five brothers and two sisters.

She was married in 1909 to Kanuparthi Hanumantha Rao, an educated and sophisticated gentleman and health inspector by profession. The country, inspired by Gandhi, was fighting for freedom from the British rule.

EMINENT TELUGU SCHOLARS AND OTHER ESSAYS By Malathi Nidadavolu 2012 1 © Malathi Nidadavolu e-Book edition 201 1 No part of this book may be reproduced without express permission from the author. 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS KANUPARTI VARALAKSHMAMMA (1896-1978): A WRITER WITH A PURPOSE AND A PIONEER IN WOMEN'S MOVEMENT 4 NIDUDAVOLU VENKATARAO: A MOVING ENCYCLOPEDIA, POET AND EMINENT LITERARY HISTORIAN 9 DR.


She worked towards not only improving the living conditions for women but also encouraging them actively to participate in these movements.

She traveled around the country to promote the ideals she believed in.

The author describes their mental state — a sense of despair, depression, apathy, and fear of future without income — in a manner that brings about empathy in the readers, says Polapragada Rajyalakshmi, a veteran writer and close friend of Varalakshmamma.

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Her writings were broadcast on All India Radio and doordarshan (Indian TV).It was published in Andhra Patrika Ugadi issue, 1924.The protagonist's (Ramalakshmi's) husband started a dyeing clothes business on a large scale and was successful until the Second World War caused the country to collapse economically. After his death, Ramalakshmi had to start all over again to feed her two little children.They would often tell their thoughts in their own clumsy way and Varalakshmamma took it upon herself to think through and put them in a cogent manner. This practice of reorganizing the thoughts helped her to develop a series column, sarada lekhalu, in her later years (which will be discussed later.).Since her childhood, she was interested in reading.

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