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They investigate, and find the boyfriend dead and Charlie apparently kidnapped, although no ransom has been demanded.

The second mission Jimmy assigns to XXXX is to organise the purchase and distribution of one million ecstasy tablets from a low-level gangster who styles himself "The Duke".

Eddie informs him that Jimmy Price has recently lost £13 million in a failed investment in Africa and planned for XXXX to find Charlie so Jimmy could take her hostage until Eddie could get him his money back.

Jimmy was also hoping to sell the pills to recoup his losses; Eddie then plays XXXX a recording indicating that Jimmy has been a long-term informant for Scotland Yard and intends to betray XXXX to the police as soon as the deal is done, planning to gain clemency from the deal and also take away XXXX's wealth.

XXXX delivers the severed head of the Duke to Dragan as a peace offering, who reports back to his Serbian boss that the police have seized the drugs.

Cody and Tiptoes return the drugs to XXXX in exchange for a fee, and XXXX in turn looks to sell them to Eddie Temple as planned.

XXXX encounters the Duke's out-of-touch nephew Sidney at a bar and becomes attracted to his disillusioned girlfriend Tammy.XXXX then discovers that his accountant, who operated his legitimate front and was referred to him by Jimmy Price, has stolen all of his money and disappeared.Gene and Morty initially suspect XXXX of foulplay; after being shown the evidence of Jimmy's snitching, the pair acknowledge XXXX as the group's new acting boss and show him the corpse of the Duke.A 30-something man (XXXX), is a London underworld criminal who has established himself as one of the biggest cocaine suppliers in the city, with effective legitimate cover.Considering himself a businessman and patience as a prime virtue, XXXX leaves the darker aspects of the business to his henchman Morty, a man having recently ended a 10-year prison sentence for murder.

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