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There are official resources to aid in this review.

8 The Litany of Saints in the Liturgy About Adding Names of Saints and Blesseds by Father William Fitzgerald, O. The Litany of Saints has been the subject of some discussion in the effort to restore and expand the liturgical use of the Church’s treasury of sacred music.

The directives for the liturgical use of the Litany of Saints, reflecting the revision of the liturgical calendar and additional saints, is found in an appendix of the OCM.1 The OCM material is incorporated into the Graduale Romanum, published in 1973, and the same information is in the 1979 Graduale Triplex.

A little research is required to do this, though occasionally this order may vary, such as placing a member of a religious order (Francis Xavier d.

Mary Magdalen All holy disciples of the Lord Martyrs St.

Sometimes a little research is required to determine if the name one wishes to add is really the name of a saint. Then the invocations of His mysteries follow, for example, “By Your Incarnation” with the same response.

(There is no Saint Brad, Saint Brooke, Saint Sky, Saint Amber, Saint Tiffany). Next come the supplications for various necessities with the response: “Lord, we ask You, hear our prayer” (Te rogamus audi nos).

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