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In the Assyrian account of the Deluge, Nergal is alluded to as the destroyer, but he was chiefly celebrated for his power over the chase and the battle-field, thus partaking of the character and attributes of Bel-Nimrod...The chief seats of Nergal's worship were the ancient cities of Cutha and Tarbissa.Cutha was the sacred city where he was said to "live", and in which was his famous shrine.The "men of Cuth," when transported as colonists to Samaria by the Assyrians, naturally "made Nergal their god", introducing his worship into the land of their forced adoption.The other sphere of Nergal's power was the underworld, of which he became king.According to one text, Nergal, escorted by demons, descended to the underworld where the goddess Ereshkigal (or Allatum) was queen.In gnostic traditions, the Demiurge is depicted as a lion-faced figure ("leontoeides").The gnostic concept of the Demiurge is usually that of a malevolent, petty creator of the physical realm, a false deity responsible for human misery and the gross matter than traps the spiritual essence of the soul, and thus an "animal-like" nature.

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Volume 1" Israel Smith Clare writes, "Nergal, the War-God, was the representative of the planet Mars, and his name which is Hamitic, signifies, "The Great Man". We wake up one day on this planet as helpless babies raised as children by our parents. These are the primary questions we all ask as human beings.Assyrian documents of the 1st millennium BC describe him as a benefactor of men, who hears prayers, restores the dead to life, and protects agriculture and flocks.Hymns depict him as a god of pestilence, hunger, and devastation.

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