Ghana sex leaks

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She said: 'Obviously we are all aware of arranged marriages but I didn't realise to the extreme how these girls are forced into marriage and at such a young age.'They can literally be taken and that happens, that's the heartbreaking thing.

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But when she became pregnant, her husband left her alone.

They're a great example of what the girls can achieve.' In the country, one in five girls marry before their 18th birthday and 50 girls are abducted every year in the Upper West region of Ghana.

The singer also appeared on Good Morning Britain on Thursday to describe the plight of the young girls.

According to 411Vibes, a young Ghanian student, who claimed to be in one of the well known Federal institution in Ghana, sent in a scandalous vidéo.

The source claims that the girl in the vidéo, who happens to be the one of the `bigger girls on campus clique’ has been known for her promíscuous ways and séxual relations with loads of people but has never gone to the extent of fílming her séx-tapé.

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