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You must keep an accurate record of any assistant and hours worked with you, and if they are poff sick it may mean some children cant come at short notice if you have increased your numbers. It needs thinking about carefully before you decide for definate its a route you want to go down.

I have 2 assistants registered with me and just doing my 3rd and have previously had another minder work with me also.

'I use journeying to connect with spiritual helpers and ancestors, visualisations, meditation, breathing exercises, yoga practices, and allow my creative juices to flow. However in August this year, she revealed the treatment had stopped working and that she was relying on alternative treatments such as plant-based healing oils and sessions in an infrared sauna. And each and every day I love and thank my poor scrawny body, tumours and all, because its doing its very best.

I am not saying it’s a guaranteed recipe for a radical remission, but that ain’t gonna stop me. Despite the setbacks, Leah is remaining incredibly positive and insists she sees cancer as a teacher she can learn positive lessons from rather than an enemy. 'But the last twelve months have shown me not just the absolute worst of times, but some of the best times in my life. YOGA: Leah has practiced yoga for 15 years and cites it as a way to keep her calm and positive. The practise believes that illness has a spiritual cause and results in a loss of energy or power.

If you are employing someone then you have to abide by employment laws that is sick and holiday pay inclusive I believe its would be deemed an unfair or illegal contract to write something like that in. I don't think you can have self employed assistants.

I was a registered childminder and stopped due to working in a nursery full time and having spare time was an issues.

Now i am planing on going into childminding again through the school holiday's and my mother would like to join me.

I am qualified and have the reliant skills but my mother doesn't.

Helena has continued to lend her face to advertising and magazines too, appearing recently on the cover of the February 2015 issue of Marie Claire, as well as a recent shoot for Spanish newspaper El Pais.

A year after she announced the devastating news of her diagnosis with terminal lung cancer, Emmerdale's Leah Bracknell has credited alternative therapies with keeping her alive. 'Since the day my world changed irrevocably, I have tried to develop a relationship with my illness to ask it what it has to teach me, what it wants me to change or face up to, in order that I don’t merely react to it with fear, loathing or avoidance,' she explained.

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