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The party's legendary 'glass fortress' at 16 King Street, Covent Garden, may thus be seen, archivally at least, less as a headquarters than as the national branch office indicated by Pollitt.

Doubtless key documents were retained for a period by the party itself.

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As early as May 1921 the party's secretary was arrested and its headquarters divested of every last scrap of paper, its more sensitive records only eluding the authorities through a last-minute tip-off.Urged on by Lenin himself, the party not only functioned as a section of the Communist International, or Comintern, but drew the bulk of its funding from the same source.Over the course of the 1920s, these relations were cemented, for example, by the permanent representation of the CPGB at the Comintern in Moscow; and by the sending of regular enrolments of British students to the International Lenin School.Certainly, in his day and long afterwards the nosing out of archival detritus was an activity largely denied the historians of communism.In most cases, this was as true of the communist parties set up internationally as vehicles for the revolution as it was of the USSR itself.

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