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49 based on their analysis of land-based rain-gauge measurements. Circles show locations of Liang Luar, west Flores (8°32’S, 120°26’E, red) and other cave sites referred to in the text: Gunung Buda, north Borneo (4°N, 114°E, yellow), Dongge cave, south China (25°17’N, 108°25’E, blue) and Hulu cave, east China (32°30’N, 119°10’E, pink)., come from specimens collected ~500–900 m from the entrance where narrow passageways restrict airflow and maintain stable cave temperatures (~24.5 °C) and high relative humidity. The prominence of the HS1 climatic footprint across Australasia supports the possibility that it played a key role in the sequence of events that drove the last deglaciation. arranged official research permits and led logistical support for the fieldwork.

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The interhemispheric seesaw pattern of Australasian monsoon climate on millennial-scales lends support to the possibility that a protracted southward displacement of the global monsoon system during an intensely cold HS1 may have been an integral part of the sequence of events driving the last deglaciation. The large size and climatic sensitivity of Australasia support the idea of a key role for the global monsoon in the oceanic/atmospheric set of events leading to rising atmospheric CO concentrations and global warming during ice age terminations. While model-based tests are required to quantify monsoon feedbacks on global climate, our data are consistent with the view that high-latitude and low-latitude climate processes are inextricably linked. Age corrections for detrital thorium are generally very small for the Liang Luar stalagmites (Supplementary Table S1). The average precision for C in the stalagmites indicates minimal kinetic fractionation of isotopes (Supplementary Fig. We note that stalagmite LR06-C5 contains 22–66% aragonite between 19.4 and 17.5 kyr BP (Supplementary Table S2). S8), is in good agreement with the record for stalagmite LR06-C6 across their interval of overlap (Fig. Therefore, the effects of non-climate related processes are small, thus the millennial-scale features in the Liang Luar δO by 6–7‰ compared with rainwater for the remainder of the year.

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