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The series is based on the Australian television series of the same name, and developed for American television by Barbie Kligman.

The series follows Detective Andrea Cornell (Juliette Lewis) as she investigates homicide cases.

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Stars Jennifer Taylor, Danielle Chuchran, Mia Topalian, Spencer Neville, Leith Burke, Brian Mc Govern, Kevin Scott Allen, Mim Drew, Ted Jonas.Now Erin must find a way to get herself and her children to safety, before Darren--or the police--find her. (2017) After discovering that her three best friends and her husband are plotting to murder her and steal her family fortune, Gloria, an otherwise kind-hearted housewife and mother of two, unfolds and exacts a deadly revenge on all who betrayed her.In this sexy, soapy tale of love, lust and hate no one can be trusted. Brianna Brown, Joe Williamson, Onira Tares, Tara Conner star.They have a neighbor, Jess, who is estranged from her husband Scott, who is in the military. While out for an early morning run, Ben discovers Tom's body; he was evidently taken from his bed into the woods and killed by six blows to the head from a flashlight.Detective Cornell is convinced Ben is the killer, Ben cannot prove his innocence because he suffered a blackout after going out drinking with Dave following a fight with Christy over her suspicion of an affair with Jess.

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