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Tara, after finishing a business meeting at Oracle in Tokyo, heads for refreshment where she finds a note titled "Don Returns".Perplexed about Ved's presence, she moves around the office campus and Ved draws her attention with the "Don" personality from Corsica.Kapoor plays a free spirited person who wants everybody around him to be happy.

Sometimes in trying to belong, you lose your edge, you become blunt and you forget who you are unless someone comes to remind you, someone who has seen you at that time.

The film was released on 27 November 2015 to mixed reviews by film critics.

However, they widely praised the performances of lead actors but criticised the unsatisfactory togetherness of the plot.

It's not that simple because it takes the undoing of entire life's experience to get in touch with yourself and your wild energy." In an interview with The Indian Express, Ali mentions, "It's that thought which crosses your mind when you are sitting by the window seat of a train and watching Ratlam go by and you think, what if I get down from this train? " He justified that outside this window, there is a mythical world where one can be what he wants to.

According to him, the window seat gives one a chance to drop their present life story and become a brand new person.

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